Friday, 12 July 2013

and out came the birds...

Well we've certainly had a decent few days at Stanford. As the sun came out, so too did the birds in good numbers.

First of all Adam and I met at 4:30 on Friday morning to do CES visit number 7. Our hopes were high for a decent catch and expectations were definitely exceeded .

The first round of the nets produced 65 birds and by the time we had finished we had processed 135 birds, 87 of which were new. The main species was Common Whitethroat with 29 new and 6 retraps.

The following day we were up early again for another session at a different area netting from the feeders up to the point and on around to the reed bed. This time we had Dawn, Dave and Paul with us, 3 of our 4 trainees. We had another good morning with 117 birds processed. Again Common Whitethroat being
the main species caught with 11 new and 7 retraps.  Sedge Warbler came a close 2nd with 10 new and 6 retraps.

Sunday was a welcome day of rest.

Monday dawned bright and early with yet another early start, this time meeting Mike at the Dam end, to erect nets from just past the Tower to the Orchard. This is one of my favourite areas around the Reservoir as you can sit and look over the water. Today we managed 76 birds processed, 46 new and 30 retraps with the main species yet again Common Whitethroat. We had a very pleasant morning ringing if not a little tiring in the sun.

Then finally, I was out on my own on Tuesday down the rail track and yes, you guessed it, another 4:30 start yet. (But tomorrow I'm watching the cricket on the telly then Friday going to Trent Bridge for the third days play HEAVEN).  Anyway back to Stanford, and Tuesdays efforts. It has to be said, although I caught 68 birds, it was not a great days ringing with very little moving around.

Over the 4 ringing sessions we ended up with 396 birds processed, of which 248 were new. Not too bad for an inland site on the borders or Leicestershire and Northants .


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