Thursday, 18 September 2014

Over and Out

Well a new week began on Tuesday for me at Stanford with another great catch in the early morning calm before the wind started to increase at about 09:30. I had a catch of 151 new birds consisting of the usual culprits for this time of year, Blackcap with another 94, Chiffchaff with 24 and Meadow Pipit with 12. It really was just a standard day with nothing too exciting to tell you about. The following day I was out with Adam and all change. It was a windy day right from the off with nothing to recommend it at all. It didn't look or feel very promising right from the start so I wasn't disappointed with the small catch of 79 new compared with recent catches of 150 plus, but never mind we ended up with a few milestones during the day with our 1000th Blackcap for the month, the 3000th warbler ringed this year and finally our 5000th bird ringed for the year, so overall not a bad day!!!!! I am having the MOT done on the car on Thursday and then off to a Stag-do over the weekend so that's the end of my ringing now till next week so I am leaving it all up to Adam, Dave and the rest of the team till I return. Happy ringing!!!!! Mick.

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