Sunday, 16 November 2014

Saturday 15th November

We all met at the gate at 05:30 yesterday. Jo's colleague Jamie joined us for the day to gain some knowledge about the ringing process. We split up to erect the nets - Dave, Jo and I put up the nets on the left side of the res while Mick took Jamie with him to put up the nets on the right. We finished first so I joined Mick to help him put up the last net down on the rail track. Unfortunately I was having a clumsy day and in truth was more of a hindrance than a help but hey - it's the thought that counts, right?

Over the course of the morning, we caught over 100 birds; 85 new and 37 retraps. We had lots of larger birds with 15 Redwing and 12 Blackbirds. Highlights of the smaller species were 18 Tree Sparrows, 13 Long Tailed Tits and 8 Reed Buntings.

Adam was working nights but he usually still turns up albeit a little later in the morning. We didn't see him yesterday - did you nod off in the chair with a cup of tea Adam?

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  1. Too tired so went to bed.
    Feeling over-worked :(


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