Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Garden ringing

The last few days have offered a break in the weather for a couple of back garden ringing sessions.
On Monday, the 30' was erected at 07:00 and it wasn't long before the first birds were in the net, a couple of retrap House Sparrows and Blue Tits. After that it was very quiet with one or two Goldfinches dropping in to feed on the sunflower hearts and niger seed but still managing to stay clear of the net.
With an hour of checking an empty net I decided it was time to take down. As I walked up the garden, a Woodpigeon flew into the net, the 4th this year. I had only just released the newly ringed Woodpigeon when a Sparrowhawk zipped through and landed in the net. A juvenile male and the 2nd this year.
I didn't plan to erect the net today but after seeing a flock of 10+ Goldfinches on the feeders late morning it was enough to tip the scales. Five Goldfinches, one Blue Tit and one Greenfinch later it was time to take down. After putting my shoes on I noticed a Sparrowhawk flash past the feeders and then disappear. I didn't see it come out and assumed it had got away. I cursed my luck as I walked up the path but as I got half way I could see it was in the net. This one was a cracking adult male and was no where near as feisty as the juvenile caught on Monday.