Sightings: 2021

Thanks to all observers for their records, especially Stanford Ringing Group (SRG), Steve Nichols (SCN), George Burton (GB), Fritz Graves (FG), Dan March (DM), Matt Jackson (MJ), Chris Begley (CB), Peter Dillon-Hooper (PDH), Ewan Turner (ET), Chris Hubbard (CMH)

If you are a Twitter user follow the ringing group @rg_stanford and for sightings @c4hub. Tag us in on your sightings. 

Please email any of your sightings from the reservoir to or text / WhatsApp me on 07803 374541.

Access to Stanford Reservoir is by permit only 


10thREDSTART 1 ringed this AM, the first of 2021 (SRG), TREE PIPIT  1 over this AM, the first of 2021 (M Townsend), Common Whitethroat 1, the first of 2021 (CB), Common Sandpiper 2, Yellow Wagtail 3, Cetti's Warbler 2, GREAT EGRET 1, Little Egret 4, Oystercatcher 2, Willow Warbler 6

Redstart (SRG / Images - Chris Hubbard)

9thCOMMON SANDPIPER 1, the first of 2021 (CMH/PDH), HOBBY 1, the first of 2021 (PDH), WHEATEAR 1 this AM (CMH), DUNLIN 1, the first of 2021 (CMH), Yellow Wagtail 1, Sedge Warbler 1,  Green Sandpiper 1, Willow Warbler 6, Goosander 1, Cetti's Warbler 2, Goldeneye 7, Snipe 3, GREAT EGRET 1, Little Egret 1
Wheatear (Chris Hubbard)

Dunlin, the first of the 2021 (Chris Hubbard)

8thSEDGE WARBLER 2 this AM, the first of 2021 (CMH), GREAT EGRET 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Oystercatcher 2, Yellow Wagtail 2 (D Hicklin), Goldeneye 9, Snipe 3, Willow Warbler 3, Golden Plover 13 flew west (CMH), Cetti's Warbler 2, Goosander 1, Kingfisher 1                                                                                                                                 
7thGreen Sandpiper 1, Yellow Wagtail 1, Little Egret 2, Goosander 2, Willow Warbler 1, Teal 3, Snipe 1, Goldeneye 10                                                                                                                        
6thGREAT EGRET 1, Little Egret 2, Kingfisher 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Yellow Wagtail 1, Swallow 15, House Martin 1, Goosander 2                                                                                                                                           
5thYellow Wagtail 1 (PDH), Goldeneye 8, Goosander 1, House Martin 2, Swallow c20, Sand Martin 2, Oystercatcher 1, Willow Warbler 1, Little Egret 1, Sparrowhawk 2                                                                                                                                         
4thYELLOW WAGTAIL 1 heard and then seen briefly on the dam, the first of 2021 (Richard Cross/CMH), WILLOW WARBLER 1 singing, the first of 2021 (S&M Wyatt), Blackcap 5, Cetti's Warbler 2, Goosander 2, Red Kite 2, Kestrel 3, Pochard 3, Teal 7, Raven 2, Common Gull 53 (CMH), Goldeneye 13, Snipe 1, Fieldfare 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Swallow 3, Sand Martin 2
Yellow Wagtail (Richard Cross)
3rdOSPREY 1 over this PM, the first of 2021 (CMH), Oystercatcher 1, Little Egret 2, Swallow 5, Blackcap 1, Goosander 1, CURLEW 1 flew west (SCN)                                                                                                                                         
2ndCommon Gull c150, Swallow c12, Sand Martin 6, House Martin 1, Goosander 3, Teal 1 female, Blackcap 1, Cetti's Warbler 1, Wigeon 4, Kingfisher 1
1stCURLEW 1 this AM (CMH), Oystercatcher 2, Green Sandpiper 1, Goosander 3, House Martin 1, the first of 2021 (CMH), Swallow 4, Sand Martin c20

OTTER 1 this AM (CMH)                                                                                                   


31st *SANDWICH TERN* 2 flew east at 08.00, the first since 2018 (M Townsend), Blackcap 8, Shelduck 1, Pochard 3, Cetti's Warbler 4, Little Egret 1, Goosander 1, Wigeon c20 (SCN), Goldeneye 12                                                                                                                                 
30thBlackcap 1, Swallow 1, Sand Martin 1, Raven 1, Cetti's Warbler 4 (ET), Goosander 3                                                                                                                 
29thOystercatcher 1, Grey Wagtail 2, Little Egret 2, Goosander 3, Goldeneye 17, Sand Martin 12, WHEATEAR 1, the first of 2021 (K Reeves/GB), CURLEW 1 (CMH)                                                                                                                               
28thOystercatcher 2, Goosander 5, Raven 2, Goldfinch 7, Kingfisher 2, Cetti's Warbler 2                                                                                                                                                                                      
27thCURLEW 1 (ET), Sand Martin 7, Green Sandpiper 1, Little Egret 1, Goosander 3, Cetti's Warbler 2                                                                                                                        
26th*RUSSIAN WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE* 1 still present at 14.30 but no details on how long it was present for (not there at 17.00), OSPREY 1 possible being mobbed by 2 Buzzard - n.b. several birds reported in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire in the last 48 hours (Dave Williams), Sand Martin at least 5 (ET/CMH), Swallow 1, the first of the year this evening (CMH), Pochard 3, Green Sandpiper 1, Goosander 3 (2F, 1M), Cetti's Warbler 2, Little Grebe 1, Little Egret 1 

Sand Martin (Ewan Turner)

25th*RUSSIAN WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE* 1 early morning only (CMH), CURLEW 2 flew west (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1, Sand Martin 2, the first of 2021 (K Reeves), Goosander 3, Meadow Pipit 4, Lesser Redpoll 4, GREAT EGRET 1 (ET), Blackcap 1, Shoveler 1, Pochard 3, Siskin 1, Goldeneye 17, Grey Wagtail 2, Kingfisher 2                                                                                                                                                        
24th*RUSSIAN WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE* 1 first-winter, Goldeneye 15, Blackcap 1, the first of 2021 (CB), Cetti's Warbler 1

White-fronted Goose (Chris Hubbard)

23rd*RUSSIAN WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE* 1 first-winter with Greylags at dusk. the first at the site since 2019 (CMH), Cetti's Warbler 1, GREAT EGRET 1, Little Egret 2, Oystercatcher 2, Water Rail 1

First-winter Russian White-fronted Goose (Chris Hubbard)
22ndGREAT EGRET 1, Cetti's Warbler 2, Snipe 1, Pochard 1, Oystercatcher 2, Siskin 1, Lesser Redpoll 6                                                                                                                   
21stOystercatcher 4 this AM (CMH), Snipe 3, Lesser Redpoll 8, Goosander 4, Goldeneye 16, Chiffchaff 6 (FG), Buzzard 4, Green Sandpiper 1, Cetti's Warbler 1, the first of 2021 (SCN) 
20thOystercatcher 2, GREAT EGRET 1, Water Rail 1, Green Sandpiper 1, Goosander 4, WOODCOCK 1 (ET)                                                                                                                               
19thGoosander 2, Teal 2, Oystercatcher 2

Oystercatchers (Ewan Turner)
18thGREAT EGRET 2 (CMH), Goosander 2, Water Rail 1,                                                                                                                                       
17thGoosander 5, Little Egret 2, Kingfisher 2, Water Rail 2, Wigeon 148, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 adult (a different bird to the 2 visiting recently) very briefly in the roost (CMH)                                                                                                                                
16thGREAT EGRET 1, Meadow Pipit 13                                                                                                                                          
15th*KITTIWAKE* 1 first-winter in the roost (CMH)

Kittiwake, first-winter (Chris Hubbard)

MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 second-winter briefly (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1, Water Rail 1 GREAT EGRET 1, CURLEW 1 flew east (CMH), Tufted Duck 187, Goldeneye 28, Little Grebe 1, Goosander 1                                                                                                                        
MEDITERRANEAN GULL 3 on 7th (2 adults and a 2nd-winter), 2 on 8th, 1 on 9th, 1 on 10th, 2 on 11th, 1 on 12th, 1 on 13th (CMH), MARSH HARRIER 1 on 7th (R Cross), WHITE WAGTAIL 2 on 7th (R Cross), Black-headed Gull 1 colour-ringed bird yellow 2H18 on 7th (ET), CURLEW 1 on 8th (CMH), Goosander 2 all week, GREAT EGRET reported several times during the week, WATER RAIL at least 2 all week, Goldeneye 28 on 11th
Mediterranean Gulls - 2 adults and a 2nd-winter (Chris Hubbard)
1st-6thMEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 on 1st (CMH), MEDITERRANEAN GULL 2  on 2nd (CMH), GREAT EGRET reported several times during the week, CURLEW 1 on 4th and 6th (CMH), Wigeon 174 on 4th (CMH), Oystercatcher 2 on 5th, Green Sandpiper 1 on 5th, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1  on 5th (CMH), PEREGRINE 1 seen on 5th and 6th (CMH), MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 on 6th (CMH), Water Rail at least 2 reported during the week (CMH/ET)

Water Rail (Ewan Turner)


As at the end of February the species list for the site for 2021 is 98 species                       
  21st - 28th - *BEARDED TIT* until Friday but presumed gone after this date (CMH), Water Rail 5, CURLEW 1, the first of 2021 on 21st (CMH), Snipe 22 on 21st (CMH), Oystercatcher 1 on several days, PINTAIL 2 on 24th, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 2 on 24th (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1 on 25th, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 2 on 26th, both different birds to the 24th (CMH), STONECHAT 1,  BRAMBLING 1 over on 27th (CMH), MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 on 27th (CMH), Barn Owl 2 on 27th
Bearded Tit (Chris Hubbard)

3 of the 4 different Mediterranean Gulls - all adults (Chris Hubbard)

Feb14th - 20th - *BEARDED TIT* 2 still present until Friday (CMH), GREAT EGRET 1 on several days, Water Rail 3-5 on several days, Meadow Pipit 18 on 19th, STONECHAT 2 all week, Goosander 5 on 19th, OYSTERCATCHER 1 on 20th, the first of 2021 (ET), MARSH HARRIER 1 on 20th, the first of 2021 (CMH), PEREGRINE 1 on 20th (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1 on 20th (CMH, ET)

Oystercatcher, the first of 2021 (Ewan Turner)

Water Rail (Chris Hubbard)

Feb7th - 13th -  *BEARDED TIT* 2 until at least Thursday (CMH), Golden Plover 1 over on 7th, Snipe a group of 22 flying around the reservoir on 7th (CMH), JACK SNIPE 1 on 7th (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1 on 7th, Egyptian Goose 1 on 7th, Peregrine, the first of 2021 on 9th (CMH), GREAT EGRET on several dates (CMH, CB, ET), Goosander 2 on 10th, Canada Goose 230 on 12th, Wigeon c340 on 12th, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 2 on 12th (ET, CMH), CASPIAN GULL 1 first-winter on 13th, on the ice in Keepers Lodge Bay. A colour-ringed individual - metal on left leg, yellow ring P:PW6 on right leg ringed as a pullus in Poland in May 2020 and also seen in Holland, Peterborough and locally at Shawell (ET, CMH). This is the first time ever that we have been able to read a ring of Caspian Gull at the site.  

Mediterranean Gull (Ewan Turner)

Caspian Gull - Polish ringed (Ewan Turner)

Caspian Gull - Polish ringed (Chris Hubbard)

Caspian Gull - Polish ringed (Chris Hubbard)

Caspian Gull - Polish ringed (Chris Hubbard)
Feb1st - 6th -  *BEARDED TIT* both still present, STONECHAT 3 all week, MEDITERRANEAN GULL 1 adult in the roost on 4th, the first of 2021 (CMH), *BEWICK'S SWAN* 18 very briefly before flying NW on 6th, the first since 2019 and the largest group for some time (CMH)

Bewick's Swans (Chris Hubbard)

Bewick's Swans (Chris Hubbard)

Bewick's Swans (Chris Hubbard)

Bewick's Swans (Chris Hubbard)

Bearded Tit (Ewan Turner)


23rd24th - 31st - *BEARDED TIT* both still present, GREAT EGRET 1 on several dates, STONECHAT 3 all week, BARNACLE GOOSE 1 on 24th (CMH), Golden Plover 2, over on 24th, Snipe 5 on 25th, Barn Owl 1 on 25th (CMH), Common Gull c610 on 25th, Goosander 5 on 26th, Shelduck 10 briefly on 28th (CMH), Water Rail 5 on 29th, WOODCOCK 1 on 30th (CMH), Siskin 1 on 30th, PINTAIL 1 on 30th (CMH), Egyptian Goose 2 on 31st (CMH), Common Gull c1300 (CMH) on 31st, Red Kite 4 on 31st, Little Egret 4 on 31st                                                                                                                                         
17th17th to 23rd - *BEARDED TIT* - still present all week but elusive (CMH), BARNACLE GOOSE 1 on 17th (CMH), PINTAIL 1 on 17th (CMH), GREAT EGRET 2 on 17th (CB), Pochard 39, Tufted Duck 136, Wigeon 91, Gadwall 63, Coot 353, Water Rail 5 all on 17th (CMH), Great Black-backed Gull 112 on 18th (CMH), Chiffchaff at least 4 during the week (CMH, CB), CASPIAN GULL 1, a 2nd-winter in the roost on 22nd (CMH), PINTAIL 1 on 22nd (FG)
Caspian Gull (Chris Hubbard)
Stonechat (Ewan Turner)

Female Bearded Tit (Ewan Turner)
8th 8th to 16th - *BEARDED TIT* - still present all week but elusive at times (CMH), Water Rail 6 on 14th (CMH), PINTAIL 2  on 8th (CMH), Little Grebe 4 on 9th (CMH), PINTAIL 4 on 10th (CMH), STONECHAT 3 present all week (CMH/CB), JACK SNIPE 1 on 10th (CMH), Green Sandpiper 1 on 14th (CB), YELLOW-LEGGED GULL 1 adult in the roost on the 15th (CMH)

*BEARDED TIT* 2 still (CMH), BARNACLE GOOSE 1, the first of 2021 (CMH), PINTAIL 2, the first of 2021 (CMH)                                                                                                                    
6th*BEARDED TIT* 2 (CMH), BRAMBLING 1 over calling (CMH), Water Rail 2, Lapwing c50, Kingfisher 1, Lesser Redpoll 3, Bullfinch 7                                                                                                                                     
5th*BEARDED TIT* 2 this AM (CMH), WHOOPER SWAN 5 early AM, 2 adults & 3 juveniles, the first of 2021 (CMH), STONECHAT 1, Common Snipe 1, Water Rail 2, GREAT EGRET 1, Little Egret 1,  Lesser Redpoll c14, Green Sandpiper 1, Kingfisher 2

Whooper Swan - presumed family party (Chris Hubbard)

4th*BEARDED TIT* 2 (CMH), GREAT EGRET 1, STONECHAT 3, Green Sandpiper 1, Lapwing c200, Sparrowhawk 1, Lesser Redpoll 3, Red Kite 1, Goosander 2 (PDH), Tawny Owl 1 calling near the settling pond                                                                                                                        
3rd*BEARDED TIT* 2 (J Raven), STONECHAT 1, Chiffchaff 2, Red Kite 1, Grey Wagtail 1, Tree Sparrow 7, Little Grebe 2                                                                                                                                            
2nd*BEARDED TIT* 2 (CMH), JACK SNIPE 1 (CMH/CB), Shelduck 1, Snipe 1, Little Egret 2, Kingfisher 2, Brambling 1 (CMH), Red Kite 1, Chiffchaff 2, Water Rail 2, STONECHAT 3, Goosander 1                                                                                                                                         
1st*BEARDED TIT* still 2 this AM (CMH), Water Rail 1, STONECHAT 3, GREAT EGRET 2, Little Egret 3, Goldeneye 7, Chiffchaff 3, Lesser Redpoll 1, Lapwing c70, Snipe 2, Nuthatch 1 Coal Tit 1, Shoveler 6, Coot 452, Teal c30, Goosander 6, Green Sandpiper 1, Buzzard 1, Grey Wagtail 1 
Great Egret (Chris Begley)
Kestrel (Steve Nichols)

December 2020
2020Happy New Year to all our visitors and thanks to all who have sent their sightings in - this is much appreciated. 2020 has been a weird and challenging year for all of us but I hope that the birds you have seen at Stanford have helped you get through this year. Overall, the species list for 2020 was a new site record of 164 species, beating the previous best of 160 set in 2017. There are many highlights but here are a few:

Iceland (and Kumlien's), Glaucous Gull and Kittiwake were among 12 species of gull recorded. Terns were headed up by the appearance of CASPIAN TERNS in May and July, the first at the site for 50 years. In addition, Little, Arctic and Black were also recorded. We have had 6 Marsh Harriers during 2020 as well as several Merlin and Osprey.

2020 delivered a number of species not seen for some years including: Bearded Tit, 3 Shag, 4 Black-necked Grebes, Barnacle GooseCrossbill, Rock Pipit, Wood WarblerBittern, ScaupLesser Spotted Woodpecker, Smew and Nightjar.

More from the ringing group on the blog I'm sure but some highlights of an amazing year have included: 2 Wryneck, Yellow-browed Warbler, Marsh Warbler, Firecrest, Pied Flycatcher, Tree Pipit, Whinchat, Common Buzzard, a record number of Redstarts, Common Redpoll and of course the first ever Bearded Tits ringed at the site. In all, 68 species ringed in 2020, a new group record. 

Despite the lack of mud we have managed to record 18 species of wader in 2020 the highlights being Black-tailed and Bar-tailed Godwit, Ringed Plover, Jack Snipe, Wood Sandpiper and Whimbrel.  

No new additions to the overall site species list in 2020 although Kumlien's Gull (a sub species of Iceland Gull) was new to the site and only the third Northamptonshire record. 

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