Thursday, 21 January 2021

We Are Postponed

 Sadly, 2021 has started with another lockdown. So once again we are following BTO and government guidance, are unable to access the reservoir, and are limited to ringing at home. This means that scrub bashing is cancelled for this year. 2020 also had an early lockdown, but we did go on to have the best ever year at Stanford. For more details, our annual report is now available from our website at: 

This is a sad way to start the year, but we all hope to return to some sort of socially distanced ringing when the migrants return.

Anyway, no need to start the year on a gloomy note. Here are a couple of crackers from last year: 

We are certainly hoping this lovely male Beardie and his partner will stay around for the breeding season.

Nice Pied Flycatcher, only the second ever ringed at Stanford.

Who knows what the new year will bring? Best wishes to all who follow our exploits, stay safe and watch this space...

Peter N