Tuesday, 5 March 2013


After spending a Saturday morning over at Stanford scrub bashing I returned home and collapsed in my chair so the recovery process could begin. Looking out of the patio doors I caught movement of a larger bird towards the back of the garden. Eventually it showed itself on our garden furniture, it was a Jay. I sprang out of my chair and grabbed my camera but as usual it had gone.

Sitting back down again with the camera in reach I waited to see if it would return. After a little while I was quite surprised when it appeared on a log that I use to feed the smaller birds on. It was quite alert and the slightest movement from me sent it away again. Sitting in the chair holding my camera so that I was ready to shoot eventually the Jay showed again and I managed to grab these shots through the patio doors. A second did show but I wasn’t able to get any images of the two together.

The following morning was somewhat of a record as I had four all sat around the feeding log. Unfortunately again they were gone by the time I had my camera. It’s only in the past couple of years that the Jays have become semi regular visitors to my garden. It’s nice to see more than one visiting and fingers crossed they continue to remain a regular sight in my garden.