Sunday, 23 August 2020

Half Year Round up

 Although it has been a rather truncated ringing year, we are now about half way through, with migration starting in earnest. So far (mid August) we have ringed 3,481 new birds, with 19 controls and 1,204 re-traps. We have now ringed 50 species, which means we are possibly on course to beat last year's total of 61 species, or even the record of 63 from 2018. 

Migration has now started and we are ringing some really nice birds. These include singleton  pied and spotted flycatcher, and tree pipit:

Pied Flycatcher 

A really pretty Tree Pipit (photos Chris Hubbard).

This has already been the best year for Lapwing (4), Lesser Spotted Wooodpecker (admittedly only one, but excellent bird), Garden Warbler (155 and still counting), Willow Warbler (397, ditto) and, strangely enough Magpie (2!).

Our other warblers are looking good too- it has been the second best year for Grasshopper Warbler (23) Sedge Warbler (411), Cetti's (18)- and of course these are still passing through the reservoir area. Other warblers included good numbers of Reed (318), Blackcap (302) and Chiffchaff (139). 

We still have September and October to look forward to, and they tend to be even better, so watch this space! Lots of early mornings ahead for the troops. 

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